Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Finally Edited my Family Trip to Disney... Enjoy MY Babies

Waiting to board the airplane. Mike and i were really nervous about being in a plane with an 18mo old and 5year old for 3+ hours stuck in seats but the kids did really great!
Our Mahogony priced character dinner buffet. It really was worth it to see the kids faces when the characters came to say hello. Addie was not found of the characters. They pretty much made her crawl right up her daddy's leg!
The best part was that even though she acted scared to death of Minnie Mouse, that was all she talked about wanting the whole time.
Caleb climbing on the giant lego doors outside of the giant leggo store.
My son has some of the most beautiful eyes i have ever seen. He is truely precious!

I graceously stayed on the sidelines and took pictures. Really, i get completely sick when i try riding anything!
Cutie Pa-tu-tee

Just sitting out in our hotel room in Lagona Beach pondering life.
Peek- a - boo

It was like a giant sandbox every where. You can't ask for more!!
Mommy jumped in for one. There is a reason i am the photographer! I am not found of being on the other side of it. But of course i want my kids to know i was there when they look at photos growing up.

My precious families tootsies.
Oh they are so beautiful!

Caleb's T-Rex Pose

I will get you daddy.

My little Model

A man on the beach graceously took my camera and snapped a couple pictures of us. Thank you Lagona beach man.
I finally did ride something. Oh it made me so sick but wow to see this face and here her giggles, totally worth it!!!!!!!!

Break time for Icecream! Our favorite!

He is an amazing swimmer. My babies are not scared of the water at all! As you can see.

My sweet husband is such a good daddy. This water was really pretty cold and he got in and played with his babies anyway.

My heart just melts at this sight. I Love you guys so much!

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Laura said...

GREAT pictures! My favorites were the one of your family toes! Such a cute idea....and I loved the one taken by the Laguna beach man! That may need to be your Christmas card! Oh and the one of the kids and Mike when they are walking down the beach...so sweet!

I also think the ones of you are great....I don't like being in them either, but think how much they will love looking back and seeing us when they get older :)

Thanks for sharing! The place you stayed looks wonderful!