Wednesday, December 30, 2009

She is beautiful

She is just so beautiful. I loved photographing this sweet family and their newest addtion, little girl number three! Thank you Mom and Dad and i hope you enjoy.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Year to Celebrate!!!!

Happy New Year to everyone! I wanted to compile a few of my favorite memories from this year to share. I tend to forget to add my precious family to my blog. So, my new year's resolution will be to blog my family more often! Enjoy your new year and the memories you have made from 2009! Summer 2009 all dressed up and no where to go. "Mom loves to have photo sessions with us just because we're cute!"

A boy and his dog. Caleb and Spot dog:)

Could i be anymore precious? Addie Reese is the happiest little girl i know. She is so full of life and joy. It shows!

You can see who is the leader of our family in this photo. I love it! Daddy (spot dog), Caleb, Addie Reese, and last but not least, Mommy. It is so funny to me how photos truely reflect life. I love to capture these moments so i can tresure them forever!!!

This pretty dress did not hold little miss back from playing with sticks and rocks.

Our trip to DisneyLand 2009

We went to Disneyland to celebrate Caleb's fifth birthday. So FUN! Addie Reese was not real sure about all the characters, but what two year old is? We had a blast.

Caleb's towel birthday cake! How cool is that?


She wanted to be with Minnie so bad but she was scared scared to death of her. She would cry every time they would come over to us, then cry for them to come back the minute they would walk away. So funny!

So sheek...

Disneyland ended with three days on Laguna Beach. It was absolutely gorgeous! The kids loved having a huge sandbox in the backyard until the very strong current came in and washed their feet. Addie Reese was of course scared to death of this and refused to get back down in the sand and play the rest of the time. In fact, we had to carry her everytime we went into the sand. This caused quite a problem when walking in sand, which is already hard, and carrying a 20 pound child. But all in all, it was a wonderful trip filled with precious memories.

The one and only time she played in the sand.

Daddy has her wrapped around his little finger. He is the stars and the moon. Just as it should be:)!

My Heart melts with this one. The most important people in my life!

Happy Second Birthday Addie Reese!!!

Adelynn has really gotten into the Happy Birthday song. She sang with us and clapped. She really likes being the star of the show. I wonder where she gets it.

Addie got all dolled up at her party. She recieved some wonderful presents and loved playing with all her new toys.

Sparkly poofy skirts and cinderella tennis shoes. Awesome!

Caleb fell asleep watching Harry Potter movies at the lake. He has on his backpack filled with goodies and ready for anything.

This was Caleb's first time to play football. He did a really good job. His team was the "Bombers." They won a few games and had a great time doing it. Here Mike was giving him a pep-talk before the first game.

Last minute strategy...

Juice boxes to help gear up before the game.
I love that little boy turned looking at me! I am so proud of you Caleb!
Sister at the game. Football is not as exciting as the playground:)


He just looks so little with his big clothes and a the mouth gaurd hanging out.

Today was a beautiful day and a perfect day for a photo shoot. So Addie and I got outside and and took advantage of a beautiful fall day.

Her beautiful eyes get me everytime.

A little snack after my photo shoot. It is hard work being this adorable.

This was our annual trip to the pumpkin patch. We had a lot of fun and bought way to many pumpkins! Thanks daddy!

A picture with our cousins.

Let me help you with that dad. Ohhh this one is HEAVY!

One good looking boy coming right up!

"One more minute mommy." Adelynn wanted to play a little longer before we left for school. She loves to saying this. And it usually works.

Adelynn's Class halloween picture

She had a wonderful time at the school halloween carnival!

This year for Halloween, Caleb decided he wanted to be a lion. So we tried to make Addie Reese something that would match. I am sure he would not have thought the lion was cool if he knew the story of the wizard of oz. He doesn't need to know that huh?!

Lilttle miss Dorothy

Soomo Dad!

Mommy dressed up as Glenda the good witch. I love to celebrate the holidays full out!!!!

Adelynn's School Christmas Program
She did such a great job. She did most all of the motions. Here she is telling us about Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer.

And here about the baby Jesus asleep in the manger.


Our home is all ready for Christmas!

One of our family traditions is to buy an ornament each year that symbolizes that years events. These first two are snow globes for the kids because they love snow globes!

Caleb played soccer at the beginning of this year for the first time.

This is my favorite ornament ever! Caleb took a plastic base ball, wrapped tape on it, and then put it into the tree. I found this little surprise when i was taking these pictures of our ornaments. I hold in near and dear to my heart. My sweet smart little boy! Thank you for helping make our tree beautiful!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!