Friday, August 21, 2009

My Baby Girl's First Day of School

So today was my baby girl's first day of Mother's Day Out/ School! So of course her mommy had to have a little photo session on the front porch before we left. She was so excited to go to big school like her brother. She woke up first thing and wanted her backpack on. She walked around forever in her nightgown wearing her backpack. It was adorable. So today when i said "let's go out front and take some pictures before school" she ran out and promptly said "bus, bus!" I just love to see her so happy and excited about such a special day.

Her Big Smile! She always closes her eyes when she smiles.

Her "batpat."

Miss serious here!

Her precious face. I love you so much Addie.

So her first day of school was a success. She only cried a little when i dropped her off with the sweetes teachers ever! I think she is really going to love playing with her friends and learning new things two days a week.

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Laura said...

These pictures are adorable! What a great idea to sit out and take pictures on the front porch! I love the one with her back facing you and showing how big her backpack is compared to her body! I have one of the boys holding hands walking down the hall at school and their backpacks look huge on them!