Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Family Pets

My First indoor pictures with my christmas flash! So much fun. Taking pictures of the family
pets was another first for me. And would you believe they all cooperated beautifully! I also learned a few new editing tricks. You like? I love it! I hope you enjoy! Q


Dawn said...

Hi Quincie!

These pictures are really nice. You're doing a great job. I'm missing classes though. I can't wait to take another one.

I'm here because I NEED your help!

I've been nominated for Best Family Blog in the Okie Blog Awards. Would you pretty please go and vote for me?

Also, Yogi has been nominated for Best Culture Blog, Baloney for Best Unusual Blog, 6 Happy Hearts for Inspirational Blog and Georgie (decisonally Challenged) for Humor Blog.

I would LOVE you for it! I love you anyway. :) http://okiedoke.com/ok/08awards/index.html

Tonya said...

Hi Quincie...

thanks for your visit to my blog...

I would love to fill ya in on what I am shooting/editing with...

I shoot canon 5D and my fav lens is my 50 1.4 I use it almost all the time. I also use my 24-70 2.8 and 28 1.8 frequently.

I edit in PS CS2 and my favorite actions are The boutwell Totally Rad actions...I almost only use those!

Hope that helps..

have a great day!